Oktoberfest Oslo

Join us at Youngstorget
11-12 & 17-19 October

Enjoy the sound of our Tyrolean Orchestra ┬źRonald Schnipfelgrüber Tyrolerkapelle┬╗ filling the tent day after day, while you and your friends sit side by side and experience a true Bavarian atmosphere with Norway's biggest Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Oslo DJs

On weekdays the doors open at 15.00 and 12.00 on Saturdays. Keep in mind that Oktoberfest is a day party with a great atmosphere from the doors open. More than 1/3 of the tables are first come, first serve.

The food is a central part of a good experience at Oktoberfest. We are pleased that Strøm Larsen again delivers our sought after sharing platters. Anyone who has a reserved table can book a sharing platter in advance. It can be booked for 4 or 10 people, and consists of pork knuckles, Wurst, neck chops, chicken, sauerkraut, potato salad and accessories.

For those of you who have not reserved food, a separate food court may be found inside the tent. There you can get various Wurst, chops, cured meats, popcorn etc.

A large selection may be found in the bars, but unfortunately we are not allowed to tell about what we offer. But we obviously have a focus on Bavaria's temptations.

If you want to be seated, it is possible to reserve a table. You can choose whether you want a table for 4 or 10 people and whether you want to be on VIP or on the floor by the stage. The VIP area has its own bar, waiters, serving in steins and excellent views to the stage.

Do you want to reserve tables for you and your friends / colleagues? Book on Ticketmaster.

Opening hours

15.00 - 02.00 • ID20
Free entrance until kl. 17.00.
12.00 - 02.00 • ID20
Free entrance until kl. 15.00.
15.00 - 02.00 • ID18
Free entrance until kl. 19.00.
15.00 - 02.00 • ID20
Free entrance until kl. 17.00.
12.00 - 02.00 • ID20
Free entrance until kl. 15.00.


A headliner will go on stage every day at midnight to round off the party. Click on the artist name below and you'll see their biggest hits.

Friday Oktober 11th:
Saturday Oktober 12th:
Thursday Oktober 17th:
Friday Oktober 18th:
Saturday Oktober 19th:

Well met, every day.

Sixt Bilutleie Festmagasinet standard Strøm Larsen